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"A Musical Comedy with a hard edge"


Written By Max CiVon

Music by CiVon / Baker



Do you remember, the British Rock Band, Pinky Zeplyn? They were 

a huge act during the 1970’s peaking in popularity during 

the big hair 80’s. Pinky Zeplyn filled sport stadiums with adoring fans 

as they played their many hit songs, in their unapologeticly raw,

 profane manor.


However, in classic rock music burn-out fashion,  the drugs, the girls, 

and their huge egos ended the band’s journey with a nasty public breakup, leaving the original members bitter, exhausted and hating the sight of each other.  But as Fang says in his salty British accent; 

“…who gives a fuck, we’re bloody rich.”


For thirty years they have avoided talking to one another. But recently they have agreed to put the group back together for one last tour; which they are sarcastically calling... “The ReUnion of Souls”.  

At one time Pinky Zeplyn was an incredible live stage act. While their

motives for this tour are questionable, returning to their rock roots just

might unexpectedly fulfill their… “ReUnion of Souls”. 

Pinky Zeplyn - A  Satirical Feature Film

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