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Light "

It’s 1994 in Van Nuys, California.

Lily Light has just arrived. 


A young, twenty-one year old traveling with only a backpack, needs work and a place to stay.

Hodge, the manager of a call-center, takes pity on the Big Sky, Montana girl and gives her a job to keep her off the street.

Lilys newly discovered talent disrupts the life of everyone who crosses her path - not the least of which is Riley. 


There’s more…


 Written by Max CiVon

Feature Film 


A Romantic Comedy

Lily Light Wonders (Instrumental) - CiVon/Baker
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ALL Music, Lyrics & Composition ©CiVon/Baker 2008-2022

Music Temp Dubs

Lily Light Wonders (Vocal Track) - CiVon Baker
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