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Shooting Birds 

Overview & Synopsis



"Shooting Birds" is a movie that takes you inside competitive golf.

It was originally written in 2003, and it’s just been updated

to present-day. 




A bitter sweet comedy full of heart and emotion. 

Shooting Birds is about an East LA father, (Luis) ...a good father who is working two part-time jobs so he can be home before and after school for his ten year old son, Eddie.  By accident Luis discovers that his son has natural golf talent. Talent that he doesn't know how to manage. His misguided efforts to get his son the training he needs breaks up his fragile marriage. 


Eddie's mother, Brenda moves out and Marries a rich successful man, Fitz - who falls in love with both the beautiful Brenda and her talented son. Golf is an expensive sport but Fitz loves golf. He just happens to live in an exclusive gated golf community. It's not long before Fitz seduces Eddie away from his father, leaving East LA behind for the country club life. 


Lonely, heartbroken and powerless, Luis begins to fight back. The movie takes place over a ten year time span and there are many twists and turns.  As his son, Eddie moves up the Junior Golf Rankings, Luis secretly trains for the day Eddie becomes a man.


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