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The Movie

Time Pulse

Theme Song


Dario CiVon




A sassy sexy SCI-FI Rom-Com about knowing too much...


NAVET THANE, is an only child, an MIT dropout 25 years old. He’s disappointed everyone in his life; his amazing girl, old friends, his parents… they all consider him a lost cause.  Navet knows how they all feel yet he’s powerless to change their minds because he lives a double life. A life where he aspires to travel through time, secretly. 


But time is not a recreational sport; which Navet quickly discovers when he’s caught by a government agent who’s committed to stopping his work at any cost. She’s his intellectual equal. And… THE AGENT opens his eyes to the incredible dangers. Still he won’t stop.  


Without giving away all the fun twists and romantic turns… along the way, Navet’s family and friends become collateral damage.  This is a warm comedy with a heavy dose of sci-fi technology.


Our star-crossed lovers are each completely committed to stopping the other. Risking life and their unacknowledged love to win the day.





By: Max CiVon

WGA #  1905480


 © Copyright Max CiVon, 2017-2019,  All rights reserved

TORTUGA PRODUCTIONS P.O. Box 579  La Canada, CA. 91012

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