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"A humorous, unpredictable, mystery that embraces the complex science behind time travel. Navet seeks approval and love while he secretly attempts to save the most important person in his life. Navet is in danger - The Future is watching."




First job; Production assistant on the original BLUES BROTHERS (Universal) 

  As a cinematographer Max CiVon was DP & Producer of the classic indie film, SORDID LIVES (Olivia Newton-John & Leslie Jordan). 

In the 1990’s  He helped Sony develop digital cinema technology while teaching at the Sony Video Institute on the AFI campus,

Los Angeles.


For the past 20 years CiVon and wife/partner, Luisa Leschin have worked together to create diverse content for TV under the banner of their company, TORTUGA PRODUCTIONS. Luisa Leschin; TIME PULSE Executive Producer (2019 Norman Lear TV Writer of the Year) Co-Executive Producer ABC’s George Lopez, Netflix Mr. Iglesias, Netflix Gentefied, HULU’s East Los High and more...  

Max & Luisa work as a team. Luisa is the recognized face of the company, while Max produces their projects behind the scenes. 

CiVon & Leschin co-wrote a TNT one hour pilot ( The Black Veil ). 

Max wrote the Sci fi Novel, “The Ships Madora” (Available at Amazon books) 

and the film script - “Time Pulse”.  

Time pulse is a humorous, unpredictable, mystery that embraces the complex science behind Time Travel. 


Meet Everyone Involved...


TIME PULSE is a true Indie film, shot with a small professional crew
and a modest privately funded budget. Producer Jason Shuler kept the production running on schedule, casting director, Kim Swanson found us an amazing group of actors. DP, Paul Deorio’s lighting and photography made the most of every location, Sound mixer, Brian Matte and his team captured each actor’s Performance under difficult conditions and Kari Koerper's make-up department delivered talent to the set on time.


My Post Production team not featured here on the poster deserves equal praise, Editor, Justin Hynous - Sound Designer, Matthew Downey, Post Production Producer, Michael Lavoie,  and Post Script coordinator, Katey Clausen were a fantastic team as we Put the movie together.


Working with this cast and crew was truly the best directing experience of my career. I’m so proud of the performances that the actors and I discovered together, as we brought the script to life. I am equally proud that we stayed on budget and on schedule throughout the production which was not easy. There were some hard days but we made them.

Regarding the actors - I wouldn’t change anyone; each and every actor delivered the exact performance I was seeking - If our audience doesn’t like their performance,

it’s my fault. Blame the writer and the director - I’m guilty of being very happy with this movie; TIME PULSE.


Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 2.35.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 2.35.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 2.53.56 PM.png

Naiia Lajoie

Vihan Chelliah

Erik E. Kilpatrick

Time Travel Director's statement.png

- Max CiVon


Official Time Pulse movie poster

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Director Max CiVon working with the film's stars, Naiia Lajoie & Vihan Chelliah


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